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Within Unity We Find Strength

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Your financial contribution will help us to build upon and expand our efforts in 2023. Your contributions goes towards funding the efforts of the Nevada Peer Support Network.

Your financial support helps us to provide resources (i.e., incident support services, training/education/classes, culturally competent clinicians, weekly wellness classes,
and safe space for critical incident debriefs) to first responders (i.e., law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, military, dispatchers, hospital professionals, and veterans) in Nevada.

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Nevada Peer Support Network

Providing resources and support to our Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, First Responders,
Veterans, Hospital Professionals, Military Personnel and their families . . .


The why a profession, we are overrepresented for suicide and other mental health conditions.

The reality is that we can do better to protect our people from adverse effects of the career. It is possible to thrive, not just survive.

— Kate Elkins, MPH, an EMS specialist with the NHTSA Office of EMS and a longtime paramedic

Within Unity... We Find Strength.

An overview, engagement and fundraising video from Nevada Peer Support Network

An overview video from NPSN —  Our mission; To provide quality mental health resources and support to our first-responders and hospital health care professionals...

"so they may live the very best lives possible on, and off duty."

In 2019, Nevada Peer Support Network (NPSN,1) was founded as a 501 (c)(3) for IMPACT, not for profit organization. Since its inception, the goal, ( our B.H.A.G - Big Hairy Audacious Goal ) is to build a Resiliency Campus for First Responders and Health Care professionals.

Our community has lost pillars of health care and first responders professionals to suicide in just the last couple of years — let that statement sink in . . .

NPSN missions and vision is to smash the mental health stigma of getting help early and often. Building mental readiness is a strength and not a weakness. No one ever has an issue sharing that they have Cancer or broke a bone, but when it comes to an injured mind, many are scared to seek the resources essential to healing that organ under the skull. This no longer needs to be the case with integrated mind-body modalities that support and integrate with everyday physical wellness.

About us


Within Unity... We Find Strength.


Our mission is to provide quality mental health resources and support to our first-responders and hospital health care professionals so they may live the very best lives possible on and off duty. We accomplish this with collaborative efforts to improve resilience by means of breaking down barriers surrounding mental health and align those that serve with optimum mental readiness.


Our Vision is to help build a stronger, more united public safety and health care community. We strive to be an effective joint collaborative effort to serve those in need regarding the improvement of mental readiness and resiliency. We envision normalizing the subject of mental health by placing importance on the care and maintenance of our minds and emotional health just as we do our physical ailments.


Inclusivity– of the entire public safety community and hospital health care responders. ​
Strength – in our efforts to support one another. ​
Unity – together we are stronger. ​
Action – taking action as members and as an organization to raise each other up ​
Advocate - for best peer support practices and be stewards of our art and science of caring for those in need.